Love is Constant. Don’t Blame the Mirror.

Love Is Constant. Don't Blame the Mirror. - Dr. Diva Verdun, PhD

Contrary to socialization, Love is not an emotion or feeling at all. It is Spirit demonstrated in ITs full essence as you and I my Angels! Love is a constant quotient of ONE in the Universal All. You incarnated into […]

Overcoming Codependent and Enabling Relationships

Overcoming Codependent and Enabling Relationships - Dr. Diva Verdun

Attempting to rescue others from their pain, problems, and suffering creates co-dependent relationships that bring the enabling or rescuing partner more pain.  It creates a one-sided relationship where one partner works desperately to make the relationship work, caring more about […]

You Can Not Break

You Cannot Break - Fierce Impact with Dr. Diva Verdun

Sometimes the things we experience take us down so low that we may feel broken.  We look at ourselves as broken. We see our hearts as broken.  Our finances as broken.  We say we have broken friendships, broken contracts etc…  […]

Wiping the Slate

wiping the slate - fierce impact with dr diva verdun

We continue to write formulas on our chalk board of L.I.F.E.™ over the formulas of pain, hurt, and negative experiences of the past hoping for a new beginning. However, this jumbled pile of formulations continues to build up until we […]

Opening the Pathway for Love

Opening the Pathway for Love - Dr. Diva Verdun

Everyone wants to feel they are loved.  Everyone wants to be loved and share love. However, the reason love is so difficult to find, is because one is always looking for love outside of themselves. The most rewarding relationships begin […]

Why Go Down With the Ship?

Why go down with the ship - Fierce Impact with Dr. Diva Verdun

There are times in L.I.F.E.™ that you may become so steadfast on something working that you may be in denial of the sinking ship.  You’ve done everything you know possible to save the situation and the people in it, including […]