Sensuality & Sexuality

fierce impact with Dr. Diva Verdun - the power of feminine Fire

Sensuality or sexuality is not sex. Sensuality and sexuality are the idea of who you believe yourself to be and how you communicate that to the world. Sex is the action that bonds intimacy between consenting partners.

Sadly, we have been defined by our gender to the exclusion of our own identity as women. Our sexuality has been used to sell products and services all over the world. Our images as women have graced every periodical at some time or another, yet we have been demonized for the power that we possess as women.

The power we possess is so primal that most men fear it, as do we fear our own power and force ourselves as women to live in the shadows erected by false systems of power that dictate that women are second class citizens and that we use our female power to subdue men.

This is all far from the truth. The Divine Feminine is now moving in powerful ways to bring about the restoration of balance and order on the planet, and this begins with the balance and order that we feel within as both women and men possessing both the qualities of the divine masculine and the divine feminine within.

Your sexuality is how you identify sexually, while sensuality is how you feel it and express it in the world. As women we must embrace the power of being female and know that we were created specifically for a purpose and that we are divine and beautiful.

“Sexy is an idea” — T. Toure Johnson