Surrendering All to Gain More!

Surrrending All to Gain More! - Dr. Diva Verdun

We never feel comfortable giving up our power or agreeing to forgo anything to another person and that is why it is so difficult to simply surrender all our issues and problems over to Spirit.  It is not your faith that is the problem. It is the feeling of not being in control that challenges your ego.  To surrender or let go and let God means you must accept your feelings of powerlessness. Through this one simple action you become steadfast in your faith to trust that everything is going to workout in your favor, even though you feel totally out of control.

Your faith is always in operation.  Faith is always whole.  It is the measure by which you freely decide to use, either good or bad because your faith is always manifesting according to what you believe. You can have faith in bad things happening, as well as good.  Thus, if all the faith you can manage to pull yourself together to use is as small as a mustard seed, you have tremendous power to either move mountains or build issues.

Surrrending All to Gain More! - Dr. Diva VerdunAs you surrender, you are no longer fighting tooth, head and nail to maintain the imagined control you no longer possess over the problem that seems to continue to spiral downward.  In surrendering all, you exercise your faith muscle to move forward with the help of the POWER that lives within you.  You no longer allow your faith to be in your problems. You begin to invest your faith in the POWER that solves them.

To surrender means completely yielding to the power, control or possession of something else that is more powerful than you are.  It is an act of giving yourself over to another influence. It is in this act alone that you overcome the power struggle of the ego to reach deep within to access the true POWER of Spirit that lives within you.

It will never make sense to surrender to your ego because it feels it can handle everything on its own.  However, it is in the act of surrendering that you let go totally and trust God to bring forth all that you desire to live an abundant experience.

You gain more by surrendering all because it is this one act that frees you to go to a peaceful state of being in which you access the POWER of the Divine within.  At that very moment you begin to move every mountain in your experience so that you can live the promise of an abundant L.I.F.E.™.

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