T. Bowman

fierce impact with Dr. Diva Verdun - the power of feminine Fire

Hi Diva, what can I say, sometimes your messages are right on time. I am certainly beginning to understand that when you are open and ready to receive, your teachers or insight will come to you… the lesson about codependency was the one which resonated with me just now . . . . I realized . . . I had to let go of feeling responsible because . . . [others are] in charge of . . . [their] own life and choices. I was the one who always felt responsible for everyone else, including my parents. Now I am beginning to see the collateral damage this has caused me and I no longer feel comfortable in this role because I care too much for myself now. . . It has taken a while, but I feel in my very spirit right now “the release” and I can exhale because there is no need to hold onto to the anxiety of wandering what will happen to . . . others . . . anymore. We have all made our own choices and we have our own journeys, what a realization and a “release”. Your message on co-dependency is a confirmation! Thank you!