Transformation Happens in Dark Times

Transformation in Dark Times - Dr. Diva Verdun

Transformation in Dark Times - Dr. Diva VerdunIf one lends assistance to a butterfly in its attempt to escape from its chrysalis(cocoon), the butterfly will die.  It needs the struggle to send fluid to its wings so it can fly.  For the butterfly, what seems like a dark time is not.  For us, too, suffering through dark times can be necessary for transformation. ~Science of Mind, A Guide for Spiritual Living

We all experience heartbreak, adversity, health challenges, financial issues and various forms of grief, sadness and depression.  Many times we are seeking help and it is not there.  The friends and family we thought we could depend on are not there for us, or may not be capable of helping us, leaving us out there to figure things out on our own. These dark times are a period of struggle that train our faith muscles how to pull us up out of the adversity we are experiencing.

It is a scary and lonely experience when things seem so dark and we are suffering from heartbreak, depression and other challenges that bring us to such a deeply wounded place.  The strength to get up and simply get moving is sometimes more than we can even bear because we hurt so badly from what we are suffering through.  However, in this place is exactly where we discover the wealth of the POWER that lives within us.

In your dark times, when things seem hopeless, when the adversity and heartache seem more than you can bear, this is where Spirit is doing the greatest work making adjustments and tweaks for your highest and greatest good.  Spirit is aligning you and the Universe to manifest all that is needed to catapult you into that which you dream and deserve.  The key is in getting to the point of realization that you deserve it.

Suffering is a choice you make. It comes from your continued investment in re-playing what has happened to you and re-living it over and over again in your mind, while playing out the negative scenarios that could possibly result from it.  It is a period of hopelessness and feeling sorry for yourself. It is a period of asking the “why me?” questions.  Spirit is not vested in your “why me’s?”, only in your “what to do now’s?”Once you enter the darkness, your job is to turn on the light so you can see.

To turn on the light in your darkest moments takes great courage to move past the suffering stage and pointing the blame, to acceptance of the situation.  Once you begin to accept the situation you begin to detach from the pain and the suffering to allow yourself to enter the necessary peaceful state to find the answers to begin your transformation.

You are transforming through your struggle just like the butterfly does when it struggles to get free of its chrysalis(cocoon).  You have to pull yourself out of the tight, narrow and confining space of your depression and feeling sorry for yourself to deal with your pain.  In your processing of the pain you find the key nuggets of truth that bring about new awareness, and once you arrive at this revelation, you begin to develop a new plan based on the new insight you gained from what you have suffered through.

Transformation in Dark Times - Dr. Diva VerdunYour transformation can only come from your struggles.  If you had no struggles you would not need to improve, you would already be at the maximum potential of your POWER.  Your experience here in this L.I.F.E. journey is to discover your POWER and learn how to move into it to manifest that which you desire in your experience.

There is no limit to what you can manifest for yourself in your L.I.F.E.  None!  You are limitless!  Through your dark times you continue to gain new insight that continues to manifest into your highest and greatest good as you begin to exercise your POWER to live in your GREATNESS.

Begin to see your adversity, trials, challenges and heartbreak as your opportunities to grow in deeper awareness of Spirit, through the realization of self.  Use it to learn who you are and find keys to make the necessary behavior and belief system changes that move you into your greatest dreams.  Your dark times are gifts that bless you with the awareness of your GREATNESS as you process your pain and move through it to turn on your own LIGHT!

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